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Water Systems for 5 Navajo Families Affected by Uranium PDF Print E-mail
The former Bennett Freeze is a 2 million acre area within the Navajo Indian reservation comprised of 8000+ families where only 25% have adequate shelter, only 10% have running water, and only 3% have electricity as a result of a 1966 law that lasted for 44 years forbidding residents from building or repairing homes, roads, and infrastructure.

The 7200+ families that lack pipped water must haul their water from other sources, most (thousands) of which are...

Forgotten People PDF Print E-mail
About 8 hours away from Southern California, there is an area in Arizona that has been affected by something called the “Bennett Freeze.” For more than 40 years, restrictions for residents in this area have been barred from making improvements and repairs to their homes and property as well as infrastructure (such as roads or electricity) to their community. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Robert Bennett, placed the “freeze” in 1966 as a              ...

Rio Puerco Youth Center PDF Print E-mail
The vision of John van Eyk, a physical therapist who lives on the reservation, is slowly becoming a reality. The home (which was acquired through incredible circumstances) has been transformed from a rundown inhospitable abandoned room to soon-to-be-completed Navajo Youth center. Van Eyk and all of us at Project Pueblo are convinced that this youth center will change and save lives. The center will serve as a safe place for youths in this area to hang out, study...


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