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UCB DECAL Fall '11

2014 Spring Break Trip - Mar. 22-Mar. 29 PDF Print E-mail

When: Saturday, March 22 - Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where: Navajo Nation, AZ  (Tuba City, AZ)

Cost: $325 (Includes EVERYTHING! Transportation, lodging, food, building materials, medical supplies, other aid for the Navajo, and a Project Pueblo American Apparel T-Shirt)

Trip Goals:

1) Work on Weatherization Projects: Basic Construction project to help install roofs, install doors, patch walls, install insulation and other home repair to protect residents from the harsh conditions

2) Work with Clean Water Project: Help install clean water systems so residents can have access to clean drinking water

3) Assess Needs for Future Trips: Medical Mission Projects, Environmental Projects

4) Database Information: Help Forgotten People database information for website

Trip Summary:

We are very excited and privileged to be working with Forgotten People on this trip, which is a non-profit organization that we worked with multiple times in the past.  They have worked with the US and Navajo governments as well as the Navajo people and other partners to find shared solutions to development problems in the Navajo Nation.  We will help them work with the Black Mesa community in response to the damage done by 43 years of the Bennett Freeze, which prohibited families in the area from performing any repairs or improvements on their homes. Only 3 percent of the families in this community have electricity and only 10 percent have running water (HR5168, 2004). Furthermore, many residents have not had access to clean drinking water for decades due to uranium and arsenic contamination.  Forgotten People is currently developing protocols to build traditional and sustainable housing with adequate weatherization, solarization and safe water delivery systems so that Project Pueblo can help the Navajo people rebuild their communities.

We will be departing on Mar. 22th. Spaces on this trip are limited to 25 spots. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the Project Pueblo Trip Application.

Go to www.forgottennavajopeople.org for more info on Forgotten People.

We’d very strongly recommend to like our Facebook Page, “Project Pueblo,” and to become a member of Project Pueblo today (it’s free and only takes a minute or two!) by clicking on our Membership Form. This is the best way to stay tuned for updates!

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