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Project Pueblo is a 100% student and volunteer-led 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that conducts short-term, low-cost service trips to impoverished areas while raising money and awareness for relevant projects and issues. Currently, we primarily focus on the former Bennett Freeze, a 2 million acre region within the Navajo Indian reservation of 8000+ families where only 25% have adequate shelter, only 10% have running water, and only 3% have electricity. In addition, this area heavily suffers from issues relating to uranium contamination stemming from mining during the Cold War. We partner with various organizations including Forgotten People, a grassroots, community-based Navajo nonprofit organization that has been fighting injustice and poverty for over 20 years.

One of our key strategies is to minimize trip costs, and we have primarily been able to lower our trip price for participants to $325 by lowering our costs for the following areas: transportation, lodging, food, marketing, and building materials costs. We believe that lowering our costs will allow more people to afford the trip, enabling more people to help and us to put more money into projects.

So far, Project Pueblo has conducted 15 service trips with 300+ students as the first outside group to rebuild within the former Bennett Freeze, and we typically run 4-6 trips a year with anywhere from 15-80 volunteers per trip. We have chapters at various colleges including La Sierra University, Pacific Union College, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, where we are currently facilitating an accredited course. We have also raised over $15,000 through fundraising efforts, trip fees, and grants, including a $4500 grant from UC Berkeley’s Big Ideas Competition. We use this money to fund on-the-ground projects related to housing and water issues.

Our mission is to transform apathy into activism by creating an opportunity for people to engage in a movement of service-driven people that intelligently respond to the pressing issues of the Navajo Nation and other affected communities. Our vision is to institute programs that are carefully researched and to develop initiatives that address basic needs, environmental justice, quality education, economic development, and health needs through partnerships with institutions and individuals in affected communities.

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