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UCB DECAL Fall '11

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FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (pavementpieces.com-the-forgotten-navajo-people-in-need.pdf)1st Discussion - The Forgotten Navajo: People in NeedHardship overview: coal, water, and uranium 347 Kb08/30/2011 07:08
Download this file (073_BILLS-107hr104ih.pdf)1st Discussion - HR 104 Bill to Repeal the Bennett FreezeBennett Freeze bill179 Kb08/30/2011 07:10
Download this file (Trying to be rebuild after 40 frozen years - Los Angeles Times.pdf)1st Discussion - Trying to Rebuild After 40 Frozen YearsBennett Freeze86 Kb08/30/2011 07:12
Download this file (gi_nomagicbus.pdf)2nd Discussion - No Magic BusBennett Freeze and housing6000 Kb08/30/2011 07:16
Download this file (pavementpieces.com-the-forgotten-navajo-without-the-basics.pdf)2nd Discussion - The Forgotten Navajo: Without the BasicsHousing341 Kb08/30/2011 07:18
Download this file (6 26 10 Thawing the Freeze Gallup Independent.pdf)2nd Discussion - Thawing the FreezeProject Pueblo and rebuilding4207 Kb08/30/2011 07:21
Download this file (mg_women_specday.pdf)3rd Discussion - UN Document: Dineh People in Arizona Undermined by Coal MiningCoal and relocation627 Kb08/30/2011 07:23
Download this file (accounting suit.pdf)3rd Discussion - Group Wants Full Accounting of Rehabilitation FundNavajo accounting issue2792 Kb08/30/2011 07:25
Download this file (GI_Hopi_Livestock.pdf)3rd Discussion - Hopi: Livestock Confiscations are No Big DealLivestock confiscations762 Kb08/30/2011 07:26
Download this file (pavementpieces.com-the-forgotten-navajo-keeping-culture-alive.pdf)4th Discussion - The Forgotten Navajo: Keeping Culture AliveNavajo cultural struggles282 Kb08/30/2011 07:30
Download this file (Navajo County Coalition Against Drug Abuse - Drug Statistics.pdf)4th Discussion - Navajo County Coalition Against Drug Abuse - Drug StatisticsDrug statistics625 Kb08/30/2011 07:32
Download this file (pavementpieces.com-the-forgotten-navajo-uranium-contamination.pdf)5th Discussion - The Forgotten Navajo: Uranium ContaminationUranium overview/health impact299 Kb08/30/2011 07:49
Download this file (Navajos' desert cleanup no more than a mirage - latimes.com.pdf)5th Discussion - Navajos' Desert Cleanup No More than a MirageUranium cleanup95 Kb08/30/2011 07:52
Download this file (Mining firms again eyeing Navajo land - latimes.com.pdf)5th Discussion - Mining Firms Again Eyeing Navajo LandNew uranium mining199 Kb08/30/2011 07:53
Download this file (Oases in Navajo desert contained 'a witch's brew' - latimes.com.pdf)6th Discussion - Oases in Navajo Desert Contained "A Witch's Brew"Water contamination and health168 Kb08/30/2011 08:04
Download this file (Independent - May 30-31, 2009: Deadly water: Elders recall forced removal to con)6th Discussion - Deadly Water: Elders Recall Forced Removal to Contaminated LandRelocation, contaminated water, efforts451 Kb08/30/2011 08:10
Download this file (Independent - June 1, 2009: Deadly water: Black Falls: Water sources, but none t)6th Discussion - Deadly Water: Black Falls: Water Sources, but None to Drink.pdfWater contamination and efforts480 Kb08/30/2011 08:11

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