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UCB DECAL Fall '11

Winter Break 2009 ACF Trip PDF Print E-mail

Upon the invitation of John van Eyk, a physical therapist who lives on the reservation, a group of service-minded students responded to the call and drove down to the Navajo Indian Reservation in the dead of winter. We had been asked to come to help with the renovation of an abandoned house with the intent of transforming it into a Navajo Youth Center. The house itself was old and run down, as one would expect, but what was unexpected was that we were supposed to break down and further tear the house apart in order for the renovation process to take place.


The work that took place for the entire week consisted of tearing down walls, clearing roomfuls of accumulated junk, tearing carpets out, and sanitizing the house with bleach. After a day’s work on the future youth center, we would take a break to eat and then head to other places on the reservation where help was needed.  For example, on one occasion we visited an orphanage and socialized with the kids. 

On other days, we went down to the elementary school that was hosting us and offered our expertise in the form of tutors and TA’s.  Also on the trip, the Navajo gave some lectures concerning Navajo culture and daily life. Thanks to speakers such as Grandma Mitzy we were able to gain a brief insight into Navajo spirituality and lifestyle. Since the winter trip was a partnership between Project Pueblo and Berkeley’s Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF), the week was filled with daily spiritual reflections conducted by Pastor Ron Pickell of the Berkeley Seventh day Adventist Church. The trip provided us with rewarding physical work, unique cultural experiences and a whole new perspective on social justice and our own spiritual journeys. Once again, we welcome anybody to come and experience the joy and satisfaction of making our world a little bit better by joining Project Pueblo.  Click on our Membership Form and register for a trip by clicking on our Trip Application today!



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