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Rez Refuge Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding Native Americans on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  Established in the capital of the Navajo Nation, they are an interdenominational ministry aiming to share the gospel of Christ by providing Bible studies, crisis management solutions, community projects, resources for addiction and substance abuse, and locating scholarships for Navajo students.  Rez Refuge Ministries has been a "refuge" for the Navajo people and have helped many get back on their feet and start their lives a new.

Gang activity, drugs, and alcohol are too common in the housing areas on the reservation. There are very few positive structured alternatives to these corrosive activities.   Many of the area’s youth broke into a house (that will soon become The Rio Puerco Youth Center) where they painted graffiti, broke windows, and knocked holes in the walls. The house is structurally sound, but needs a tremendous amount of work to restore it and convert it into a youth center and church. The opportunity to open such a place in the heart of the neighborhood presents huge potential help the many youth there.

The Rio Puerco Youth Center will house a large (approximately 24' x 26') youth room that will also serve as a chapel for worship services.   The center will have a large kitchen area to serve as coffee shop and fellowship space, and a computer lab for education classes and tutoring.  It will also soon have an office space dedicated to provide a place for counseling.  Finally, an apartment will be housed in the building for the director of the center.

Rez Refuge Ministries wants to be a light in the community through this youth center--a place of acceptance, compassion, and ministry.  Rez Refuge sees it as a place of safety, a place of hope, and in the truest sense a refuge from gangs, domestic violence, drugs, and alcohol. The opportunities for it to be an agent of change are limitless.

Project Pueblo has partnered with Rez Refuge Ministries to help renovate and bring life to this house.  For more information on how you can get involved to make a difference to the many youth in this area, please click below on the following link: 

Rio Puerco Youth Center Project 

To register for upcoming trips where we will work on the Rio Puerco Youth Center, please click on the following link and check the box for either (or both!) the Spring Break Trip or the Late Summer Trip in 2010.   

Trip Application

Rez Refuge’s Mission Statement: 

Our first objective is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Our second objective is to create tools and services to help the less fortunate get back on their feet and start a more productive, joyful lifestyle through Christian resources, counseling and assistance. 

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