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Forgotten People is a non-profit community-based organization that is dedicated to the rebuilding of the communities of the Bennett Freeze area as well as needs of the Dine’ (Navajo) people who live in the Navajo Nation. Forgotten People’s mission is to help the Dine’ people have access to safe drinking water, sanitation, low-cost housing, solar electrification, sustainable agriculture, and economic development. FP focuses on community wide identification of needs and then works with each community to engage them to solve their problems.  FP’s methodology teaches people to change from reactive to proactive to take control of their destiny.

We met Forgotten People during Project Pueblo’s Late Summer 2009 Research Trip and have been thoroughly impressed with this organization’s dedication to serving the people of the Navajo Nation.   They are not only one of the only groups serving this area, but they have developed a working model to effect change for the residents of the roughly 2 million acres in which they serve.  They have done this not only through lobbying, grant writing, developing building and safe drinking water projects and much more, but they also accomplished this by empowering the residents of the Navajo Nation to effect their own change and to take control of their future. 

You can find out more info about Forgotten People on the following website, which was designed and created by Project Pueblo.


We will be working with Forgotten People in upcoming service trips to take part in weatherization and safe drinking water projects.  In the weatherization projects, we will help rebuild the dilapidated homes that have suffered from 44 years of abandonment to help provide families with adequate shelter from often below-freezing temperatures.  Also, we will be working with this group to help provide Safe Drinking Water systems to allow families to have safe drinking water. 

You can read more about this project, about the Bennett Freeze, and you can find out how YOU can directly make a difference in the Navajo people’s lives by clicking on the following link.

Forgotten People’s Projects Page

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