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The vision of John van Eyk, a physical therapist who lives on the reservation, is slowly becoming a reality. The home (which was acquired through incredible circumstances) has been transformed from a rundown inhospitable abandoned room to soon-to-be-completed Navajo Youth center. Van Eyk and all of us at Project Pueblo are convinced that this youth center will change and save lives. The center will serve as a safe place for youths in this area to hang out, study, build friendships and develop a healthy community. The center will be a youth and community center during the week and a non-denominational church on the weekends. There are also plans to use the youth center as an education stimulus center, which will provide the youth of the surrounding areas with invaluable tools that they will find necessary in their quest for scholastic aptitude on the reservation as well as college preparation and leadership aptitude. 

With the help of Project Pueblo and other similar organizations, the youth center has undergone step-by-step renovations including a complete interior demolition and a dramatic exterior makeover, complete with new walls and a brand new roof. According to RezRefuge, which is the organization responsible for the vision of the youth center, the center is slated for completion in July 2010.

You can find out more about this project by clicking on the following link:

Rio Puerco Youth Center

For further information by joining our email list, join Project Pueblo in just a few minutes by clicking on the “Member Form” link on the left.  To register for one of our upcoming trips, please fill out the “Trip Application” on the left. Below you will find some pictures that show the drastic changes that the center has undergone since December of 2008.


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